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Ennis Ranch, one of five Rosewood ranches, is located in Ellis, Navarro and Henderson Counties, Texas. It is owned by a subsidiary of The Rosewood Corporation, a Dallas-based company, owned by the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate. Managed by Kenneth Braddock for over twenty years, he operates the land with a holistic approach to ranching. He manages approximately 21,000 acres of lush, flourishing land that grows oats, wheat and pecans, and contains cattle, ducks, deer and crawfish. There is also 4.5 miles of Trinity River frontage.

The ranch contains 2,000 acres of wetlands. Rosewood Ranches constructed the wetlands using a levy system, with water outlets installed in the levees to regulate water levels. Commercial herds of Brangus and Braford cattle are rotated through these wetlands. They graze on the levees that have been constructed, and when the boards are pulled from the water outlets to drain the wetlands, grass grows which provides valuable spring and summer pastures for the cattle.

Rosewood also contributes to the community in the area of environmental education. College students are allowed to monitor the area for their research. Special groups such as the Boy Scouts and The Audubon Society, are also allowed access on the property for wildlife viewing.

This commendable environmental effort by Rosewood Ranches and the late Bunker Sands has won several awards. These include the 1996 National Wetlands Award and the Lone Star Land Steward Award given by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Other awards have come from the Nature Conservancy of Texas, The Dallas Morning News and the Greater Dallas Chamber in recognition of Rosewood's outstanding commitment to protecting our natural heritage.

Rosewood Ranches is a responsible breeding operation, selling in the spring and fall markets, thereby utilizing two calving seasons. Mainly a cow/calf operation, the cows are raised on the ranch with very few outside cows having been purchased. A preconditioning program has been used for the past 20 years for all weened calves. An analysis is put on all the calves so their location is always known. Ennis Ranch has an 88.6% calving rate.

Manager Kenneth Braddock was born in Tulia and graduated from Van Alstyne High School, then went on to TCU's Ranch Management School. He brings years of experience and continues to diversify the Ranch, while maintaining the lands natural habitat and its many resources. He has been the president of the Navarro County Livestock Committee and chairman of the Forage and Marketing Livestock Committee. He was named the Rotary Farmer of the Year in 2001 and worked with the Wildlife Turkey Federation for an eastern turkey relief for Henderson, Navarro and Ellis Counties.



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